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Flex Connect Upgrade Kit | JT JL JK


  • Easily upgrade your Quicker Disconnect to a Flex Connect link
  • Bolt-in replacement for quick disconnect in all JSPEC Systems
  • Improves handling and on-road mannerisms
  • Easy to install, quick to tune spring rate
  • Compatible with 2-5” of lift


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The Flex Connect is customizable to meet your driving needs and compatible with most lifts on the market. Along with the standard spring set (40% softer than stock) that is included with the Flex Connect, JKS offers 3 spring sets (available separately) that can be mixed and matched to tune the vehicles roll stiffness, all of which can be installed in a matter of minutes using the supplied spanner wrenches whether you’re in the driveway or at the trailhead. The red springs are a high rate/low travel spring (50% softer than stock) for ideal for on-road driving. The yellow “trail” springs are a mid rate/mid travel design (65% softer than stock) offering optimal on/off-road performance. The blue “crawl” springs use a low rate with maximum travel (80% softer than stock) to enhance suspension articulation while maintaining off-camber stability. When the terrain gets too extreme even for the Flex Connect, the links are easily disconnected with a quick release pin to allow full articulation of your Jeep’s suspension and clip up out of harms way on the supplied retention brackets. Improve your Jeep JL’s performance with the Flex Connect from JKS Manufacturing.

The adjustable design allows for caster correction with a wide range of lift kits installed and are a direct bolt-in with all JSPEC suspension systems for the Jeep JL. The arms are specially formed to offer maximum tire clearance for oversized tires, while correctly positioning the ends to install in both the frame and axle locations without being in a bind as is the case with other control arms on the market. They come fully assembled right out of the box finished in a gloss black powder coat. Upgrade your Jeeps control arms with JKS.

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