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DPG Adjustable Bump Stop Plates XJ


Many lift kits offer extended bumpstops for the front of your Cherokee, but not for the rear! If you’re running bigger tires, longer shocks or taller springs, you NEED longer bumpstops to protect your fenders, tires and suspension components!

Our DPG Adjustable Bump Stop Plates are made from 3/8″ thick 50,000 psi High Grade Laser Cut Steel. Our latest Gen 3 plates are now zinc plated for rust protection! (No painting or coating required)

Welded gussets on new versions provide ultimate strength!
They will work with standard 1/2″ or beefy 9/16″ U-bolts, and will work with axle tube sizes from Dana 35 up to the big 3.25″ tubes on a Ford 8.8″ housing.

We are always amazed how guys will spend good money on a nice lift and bigger tires, only to skimp on properly extended bumpstops! The result of this is cut tires, damaged uni-body seams, and overcompressed shocks and leaf springs, which result in premature sagging and failure of those components.

We’ve also seen a number of XJ’s stuck on the trail because the tires were jammed into the fenders so hard that it couldn’t move or steer! Pretty embarrassing to need a winch because your jeep is stuck -ON ITSELF!

This product simply replaces the factory upper u-bolt plates on your Cherokee!