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OME Nitro Sport Shocks

Old Man Emu suspension systems have always focused on ride quality rather than ride height and this new line of shock absorbers includes some of the latest shock valving technology achieving a whole new level of ride quality.

Most dual and monotube shocks typically feature a two-stage valving process, the new OME NitroCharger Sport features a triple-stage valving process rivaled only by a remote canister adjustable shock. We’ve stacked it into the most durable shock body and adjusted it by load capacity for you. So, rather than offering a single adjustable shock, the OME engineers have done all of the testing and tuning adjustments for you. You get to choose from a selection of shock absorbers for your application based on your load-carrying configuration, guaranteeing an immediate and ideal ride without any costly fine-tuning required post-installation.

The monotube style main piston valving improves transition and direction changes while the extra base valving provides more fine-tuning for comfort and control. So, the new OME NitroCharger Sport feels like a monotube without the vulnerability or the high price tag.

What’s new in the NitroCharger Sport? A high density polyethylene dirt shield, a 10 disc compression stack, a 10 disc rebound stack, the base cup, a triple lip check valve seal, the slip ring, tight fitting rod guide, 35mm high flow piston, 6 disc cylinder end compression stack and a new oil source. How does it work? The new valving system creates dampening through disc deflection rather than aperture restriction. This allows for a much more open, free flowing piston design, reducing heat generation and aeration that leads to fade. While the classic OME NitroCharger has never suffered from early fade, the new valving in the OME NitroCharger Sport is designed to better prevent this from happening, creating a shock absorber with monotube longevity.

Heat is another factor that frequently comes into question with shock absorbers and the OME engineers have found that the idea that an OME dual wall doesn’t cool as quickly as a single is a myth. Our research suggests that as long as the vehicle is moving and air is passing by the shock absorber, the shock will run about 80-100° F above ambient temperature, which is not nearly hot enough to cause any sort of fade in OME NitroCharger brand products. In order to achieve fade due to heat exhaustion in a OME NitroCharger Sport shock absorber, it would have to reach temperatures of over 350° F for a prolonged period of time and even then, its difficult to recognize the negligible loss of performance. Occasional short breaks, like a fuel stop, will bring your shocks back to a reasonable temperature without any ill effects.

Durability was a primary consideration during the development of the OME NitroCharger Sport line. Monotube shocks, built with racing and lighter weights in mind have the benefit of being about 1.5oz lighter than a dual tube, however, they also maintain the vulnerability of a single-walled shock body. If a monotube shock body becomes dented by a rock or some other obstacle, the shock will be rendered inoperable. In contrast, a twin tube can be completely dented and still operate perfectly. ARB has elected to build the new OME NitroCharger Sport with a dual walled shock body for that resilience. The dual walled shock body is particularly beneficial on a vehicle, like a Toyota, where the rear shock absorber sits in front of the axle and is the first part of the under-carriage likely to be hit. ARB wanted to ensure that their shocks would deliver the longevity that their customers have become accustomed to so they selected this feature to create the most rugged design possible.

So, how does it handle? Compared with the OME classic NitroCharger, the NitroCharger Sport is slightly firmer and no longer has the soft wallow, providing better control at low speeds making it more stable in the corners. At high speeds, the shock will still allow you to feel the subtleties in the terrain for reactive
handling, while offering better traction and stability. It handles in a Euro-Sport style with excellent cornering and extremely reactive handling. The OME NitroCharger Sport also has a larger loading window than the OME classic so it offers complete control over a larger range of weight capacities. Where An OME classic NitroCharger will control vehicle load increases up to 500lbs, the OME NitroCharger Sport controls loads in the range between 0 and 1000lbs offering greater stability and handling even when the vehicle is fully loaded. Overall, OME Engineers have created the most finely tuned suspension system for your vehicle by suppressing aeration and heat, while maximizing durability, handling and driver safety.


• Engineered for both on road and off road drivability

• Durability proven under extensive laboratory and real life testing, supported by scientific data logging

• Instantaneously adapts to the terrain

• The most finely tuned shock absorber on the market, with all valving work carried out in Australia by OME’s ride control engineers

• Dramatically improved low and high speed control for increased comfort and control over all road surfaces

• Fully compatible with OME’s extensive line of springs, bushings and hardware for a complete integrated suspension system

• 3 year, 35,000 mile warranty

• Made in Australia