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Less TV Time:

A Brief Testimony By Pastor Dennis Turner: Eastside Community Church

Several years ago, when our kids were about 7 and 4, my wife and I realized that the Television sets in our home had become a major distraction to our family. I would probably even say that TV was the focus of much of our time. We began to realize that when we were at home, the first thing to be turned on was the TV and it held everybody’s attention to the extent that we did little talking, sharing of our lives, or really connecting with one another. Sometimes, even at meal time, when we would all sit around the table as a family, we would be focused on a TV program and watch it instead of connecting with one another. 

We came to a clear conclusion that the last thing we needed was more TV time and the thing we needed and wanted most was connection with our children and with one another in our relationships. So, our course of action was to remove the TV from any place where it would become a distraction in our relationships. We removed it from our living room and kitchen and placed it in the basement, where it got used very little. From that time on, we’ve watched very little TV. We do watch the News almost every day and we gather periodically as a family to watch a movie together. So we do watch some, but now it doesn’t interfere with our relationships and our ability to connect with one another and stay focused on what matters most. 

Our best times now are the times we simply gather (almost every evening) for an hour or two in our living room and sit and talk and laugh and share our lives and stories together. None of us would trade those times of connecting with one another and the laughs and fun we’ve had together for anything, much less a single moment in front of a TV. So, in our case, removing the Television as the focal point in our home was a decision we will never regret.

Blessings to you as you focus on staying connected with those you love the most.

Dennis Turner