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Here’s a list of books I highly recommend to grow as a Christian:

The Bible, of course!

The pursuit of God (by A.W. Tozer)

-AWESOME book for the believer who thirsts for a deep relationship with God. (A MUST read)

The Divine Conquest (by A.W. Tozer)

-The sequel to “The Pursuit of God”. VERY meaty stuff here. A deeper walk with God for us to aspire to. (A MUST read after “The Pursuit of God”)

Why Christians Can’t Trust Psychology (Ed Bulkley, Ph.D)

-The name says it all. With the proliferation of psychological counseling in the last few decades, are we better off as a society? Excellent.

Books by Hank Hanegraaff:

The Bible Answer Book (volumes 1 & 2)

-AWESOME, powerful little books with concise answers to many of today’s commonly asked questions about Biblical issues. A MUST read.


-Incredible resource about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the resurrection of the believer for eternity.

What Evolutionists Don’t Want You To Know

-Evolution is still believed by MANY people to be historical fact. Find out why Darwin’s theories are completely wrong, and why macro-evolution simply cannot be true.

Christianity in Crisis & Counterfeit Revival

-2 books that expose many false teachings and bizarre practices in churches today. A real eye opener.