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OME/JKS Ultimate JK Hybrid Kit

OME/JKS Ultimate JK Hybrid Kit
DPG Price: $1289.00!
Retail Price: $1555.00

Our most popular kit for the JK/JKU Wrangler! 

This Low COG Hybrid system offers an amazing combination of firm handling and smooth ride. Old Man Emu Springs and shocks are coupled with JKS adjustable trackbars and links to create a suspension system that excels both on and off-road!

Multiple spring rate and shock options available to tune this kit to your jeep! Lift heights from 2.5″ to 3.5″…

Kit includes: 4-OME Coils, 4-OME Sport Series Shocks, JKS Adjustable Front & Rear Trackbars,  JKS Quicker Swaybar Disconnects*, JKS Adjustable Rear Swaybar Links.

Of course, this kit comes with a NICE embroidered OME cap,  and instructions!

Add FK40 OME extended bumpstops if running 35″ tires with stock fenders.  ($76.00)

*JKS Adjustable FRONT Swaybar Links can be used instead of JKS Disconnects on Rubicon Models with an $80.00 price reduction.

*JKS Disconnects can be deleted and factory rear swaybar links moved to front on Rubicon Models with a $100.00 price reduction.

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