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IPF RV Sport Series

IPF RV Sport Series
DPG Price: S6313 (Amber Beam) $230.00 | S6314 (Clear Beam) $192.00
Retail Price: S6313 (Amber Beam) $278.37 | S6314 (Clear Beam) $232.92

This compact but powerful light fits in tight places where larger one’s won’t…


– Available in driving beam
– High impact, black resin body
– 55W J beam bulb produces 85W performance
– Titanium ceramic coated lens for true amber light (S6313 only)
– Multi angle mounting system allows installation on horizontal or vertical plane
– Available with clear beam or amber foul weather beam

– 5.5″H x 4.5″W x 2.5″D

Complete kit includes
– 2 lights with weatherproof connectors
– Complete snap together wiring loom & relay
– Mouse style switch
– Robust black brush guard

Call (316)776-9900