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IPF Backup Light

IPF Backup Light
DPG Price: $86.00
Retail Price: $105.09

A DPG Top Pick!


  • Black steel body
  • 55W halogen bulb
  • Prism cut, hardened glass lens
  • Unique switch allows automatic or manual control


  • 4″H x 6″W x 2.5″D

Complete Kit Includes

  • 1 light with weatherproof connectors
  • Complete snap together wiring loom & relay
  • Unique 3-position switch

IPF Backup Light

DPG Comments:

Folks, this light is BRIGHT! All you need is one, so of course, I mounted 2 kits on the rear of Project Double-Duty TJ. We wired these lights to come on in reverse, OR whenever I flip a separate switch. I can turn them on with the switch for night time recovery operations or whenever extra light is needed.

This isn’t some cheap auto parts tractor light. It’s in a class by itself! -Dirk


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