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IPF 920HJKK Headlights

IPF 920HJKK Headlights
DPG Price: $176.75
Retail Price: $196.95

All new headlight conversion kit for 2007+ Jeep JK Wranglers!
Complete plug & play kit offers dramatic increase in light output!

The stock headlights on our Jeep Wranglers and Cherokees were Pitiful at best- Dangerous at worst! We’ve been running IPF replacements for many years. We wouldn’t have it any other way. The factory should have installed these…

Any jeep we buy gets IPF lighting before anything else.  80 watt low beam provides dramatically improved visibility, while E-code style beam pattern allows a sharp light cut-off that doesn’t affect on-coming traffic. You want these lights…

The photo at left below shows our ’00 XJ with a factory headlight on the right and a new IPF Headlight w/ 4×41 bulb on the left. Wow! The difference is amazing! Look at the awesome light output of the IPF light compared to the anemic factory light spot on the right.

Low Beam

IPF Low Beam

High Beam

IPF High Beam

When most people consider vehicle lighting improvements they immediately think of driving lights. However, while a good set of driving lights will greatly improve the high beam performance of your 4WD, they won’t provide any assistance on low beam. To get optimum lighting performance from your vehicle, we recommend a headlight replacement system be installed in conjunction with driving lights.
Depending on vehicle type, a headlight replacement may include headlight inserts, superior bulbs and a high performance wiring loom. This kind of lighting technology can dramatically improve headlight performance, resulting in night driving being a much safer and more enjoyable experience.

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