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IPF 4×4 Adventure Light – Fluorescent

IPF 4×4 Adventure Light – Fluorescent
DPG Price: $48.52
Retail Price: $58.70

ARB225 – 4×4 Adventure Light

Utilizing a fluorescent tube, the 4×4 Adventure Light is ideal for roadside vehicle repairs, camping and various outdoor activities.

“Night has fallen, you’ve arrived late to your campsite, you’re hungry and tired, and with the day’s heavy rain, a campfire is out of the question.

With the help of a bright, powerful glow, the versatility of the 16-foot power cord, and the ever practical dual hanging points, the ARB 4×4 Adventure Light series has allowed you to set yourself up for a good nights rest. All accomplished with piece of mind that the low 1 amp current draw has not drained your invaluable battery power.”

Tough, compact and lightweight, the 4×4 Adventure Light will connect to a 12-volt car cigarette lighter socket or a portable battery pack. The light output is stunning, yet has a low current draw of approximately 1 amp.

Practically is essential for outdoor activities and the 4×4 Adventure Light is just that, practical. Supplied with a 16-foot power cord with in-lie switch, dual hanging points, and a canvas storage bag, the 4×4 Adventure Light is the perfect accessory for outdoor enthusiasts.

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