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CSF HD 3-Row Radiator (Jeep Cherokee ’91-’01) Open System

CSF HD 3-Row Radiator (Jeep Cherokee ’91-’01) Open System
DPG Price: $269.79

This unit now includes special CSF Radiator Cap!

CSF makes Heavy Duty ALL-METAL Radiators for several jeep vehicles.

These units are constructed of more preferable brass/copper materials, which offers superior cooling performance!

These units are all equipped with auto trans coolers, but work with both auto or manual transmissions.

HD construction, increased capacity and no more crimped on plastic tanks.

We also carry replacement radiators for most cars, trucks and SUV’s!

Call us for pricing on radiators for ANY vehicle!

Customer comment:


I just wanted to let you know the CSF radiator I bought from you is probably the BEST aftermarket radiator I have ever seen.  I have been working on cars as an amateur for 35 years, and I have seen lots of replacement radiators that “sort of” fit, even if they worked just fine.

This CSF radiator not only fit PERFECTLY, but the workmanship on the solder joints and the fact that the fins were straight, and that nothing was bent or misaligned really was impressive.

CSF makes a radiator that is top notch!!  You should be proud to offer this product, and thanks for your help.



IMPORTANT! If replacing the fan clutch, make sure the replacement unit is not taller than the factory part! These radiators are higher capacity and while the outer structure is the same width as as stock, the inner rows are thicker than stock. A taller fan clutch sits closer to the radiator and any movement from a worn motor mount could cause the fan clutch to contact the radiator, causing damage. We recommend using a factory replacement fan clutch.

CSF HD 3-Row RadiatorDPG Comments

The CSF HD 3-Row radiator for the XJ Cherokee is a phenom!

We’ve used most every aftermarket radiator available for our XJ’s, and none can match the cooling performance and durability of these units. It’s been our hands down favorite for years now and is the very first mod we ever do to any of our XJ’s. -Dirk

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